Jason le roc Brown has passed away

Great sadness comes with the news that Jason le roc Brown has passed away. 

"Jay Le Roc" to the DnB community, Jay was an ambassador for atmospheric drum and bass. He had a deep love and passion for his music which he shared with the world through live sets and through his radio shows. His mixes were a journey into the soundscape of his world, one which will be forever imprinted in the minds of music lovers worldwide.

My best wishes to his family and close friends at this sad time.

Although i did not know Jason that well, i have been left very sad and upset by his passing. So much so that i have had to pause and reflect on why. As well as sharing a love for deep drum and bass and sharing a timeslot on our current station Bassdrive.com, we go back further and have also hosted shows simultaneously on atomicvibes.com and dnbmidlands.com (now globaldnb.com). A lot of dj's and producers met and became deeper friends on our early radio shows. Along the way, we have done guest shows for each other, played at each others events and covered each others shows when we needed to. So i feel a certain symmetry to Jay's journey with my own, coming from the same era, attending the same early rave nights back in the day, to becoming dj's and working our way to where we are now. Losing Jay feels like i have lost a part of my own journey. 

With Jay's passing though has come an overwhelming response from the people he touched around the world, and this reminds us that he will never be forgotten and the work that he started will live on and grow. I am encouraged by this and reminded of how important it is to strive harder and believe in ourselves and what we love.

Let's all learn from this how precious our time is and strive to become better.

We'll all miss you.

A memorial fund has been set up, you can donate here


  1. Beautiful Lee. Jay will be a sorely missed soul. Bless.

  2. oldskoolalan / dnbmidlands 200915 August 2013 at 03:20

    sorry its come to this to see old friends il share my deepest regrets to all who were close to jay like Lj we did radio together and jay was how i called him the voice of dnb , his voice was as smooth as his mixing, RIP JAY keep drummin


  4. Out of all the great shows on Bassdrive, the LaunchPad was the most inline with my personal DnB tastes. I can click on literally any one of the archived sets and lose myself... Although I thoroughly enjoy many other shows on bassdrive, none can take me to the place that Jay could. I'm deeply saddened by the loss of such a great DJ. I'll never forget the LaunchPad Experience, and I'll continue to submerge myself in the sounds of the archived sets for years to come. We'll all miss ya, Jay.


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